Lodge Caleta Gonzalo
Lodge Caleta Gonzalo
Lodge Caleta Gonzalo

03 Los Alerces Trail

The path offers a calm and contemplative atmosphere to appreciate these thousand-year-old trees. The Alerces trees are sort of the Sequoias of Patagonia. It is possible to see Alerces almost 3,000 years old. The Alerce trail is quick and easy and leads through a forest of giants! These are tall, ancient trees, one of the largest and longest-lived species on Earth.

Unfortunately, most of the larch trees have been cut down in the past, so there aren’t many left anymore. In an effort to preserve Alerce trees from extinction, since 1976 it has been illegal to cut down this type of tree in Chile.

The walk follows beautiful wooden walkways and bridges made from old fallen trees. Starting point: Carretera Austral, 12.5 kilometers south of Caleta Gonzalo.

40 min (Round Trip)
1,4 kms. total
All Year